Read how Rummy Dangal and GetMega are the safest gaming apps online

The online gaming industry is considered to be one of the largest growing industries in the world. Every gaming developer is now focusing on making their platforms stand out in this competitive market. They are either loading the gaming apps with diverse games to retain the attention of the existing players or they build an impressive user interface to enhance individuals’ engagement with the games. However, before considering all these things, the developers must create a safe environment for the players. 

To take the gaming experience to the next level, there are many companies that install money games on their apps. Players register on such platforms to play the games. And on winning such games they often win real cash which is transferred to their bank accounts. There have been many instances where the accounts of the participants have been completely exhausted. Thus, to stop such scams, gaming applications make efforts to advance their security systems. While you are looking for the safest gaming apps, visit Rummy Dangal and GetMega. Apart from discussing their security system, we are going to decipher other characteristics of these two platforms. 

Rummy Dangal 

Rummy Dangal is an online gaming platform that hosts various Rummy tournaments. Concerning different choices, this app might not be the best one for you. However, if you are a Rummy lover, this platform might be rewarding for you. Due to its comprehensive security protocols, a considerable number of players participate in various tournaments. Rummy Dangal comprises top-grade anti-fraud detection policies that provide a safe environment for players. The app has an extensive verification policy that allows only real players to participate in rummy games. Rummy Dangal is RNG certified and possesses an SSL secured website that protects the necessary details of the participants. 

One of the key highlights of Rummy Dangal is the user interface. Designed by professionals, the UI of this platform is attractive and devoid of useless complexities. Providing the best online experience, this app allows users to focus on the elements of the game. Rummy Dangal strives for maximum entertainment. Thus, it provides cash rewards and promotional offers to the participants to enhance their gaming experience. Further, the app contains exceptionally crafted graphics in 2D and 3D animations


GetMega is also an online gaming platform that hosts a diverse range of games based on Cards, Trivia and Casual. Among many games, Poker, Carrom, GoPool and Warship are quite popular. GetMega with its extensive security protocols makes itself one of the safest gaming apps in India. The app only allows real players with 100% verified accounts via their mobile numbers and Facebook profiles. Being a member of the All India Gaming Federation, GetMega features legal and skill-based games which also enable players to win attractive rewards and cash prizes. With a certification from the RNG, this online gaming platform considers the safety and security of the gamers most important. Thus, GetMega uses its Random Number Generator and shuffle mechanics to ensure the security of the highest standards. 

The clean and user-friendly UI of GetMega makes it easier for the players to interact with the games and earn. Further, the app boasts both vertical and horizontal gameplay. For example, if you play Poker, Warship or Carrom, the app will feature vertical gameplay. On the other hand, if you play GoPool, GetMega will have horizontal gameplay. GetMega with its optimally displayed elements adapts maximum entertainment and fun quotient. Also, the app comes with audio/video features that make it unique from all gaming apps. 

A genuine online gaming platform must have strict security protocols thereby ensuring a safe environment for people to play different games. Now that you know about the safety measures of the above-mentioned gaming platforms, select the best one.

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