How to play MEGA GAME slots 5 minutes understand!

How to play MEGA GAME slots game 5 minutes understand! For newbies learning to spin, play, get rich, easy, pay for real with the hottest website right now. Here is the center Online slots games are easy to break that are worth your investment the most. With more than 1,000 slots games from 14 leading camps, you can play to your heart’s content 24 hours a day, carefully selected. In order for the bettor to receive the highest impression for sure. all devices Both computers, tablets or mobile phones on iOS and Android operating systems make it possible to play anywhere, anytime, and there are many special promotions for gamblers to choose from. and can track the details on the website itself which has many special promotions for you to choose from and can be brought in to play for sure The process of playing is not difficult. Today we have picked up this topic to recommend to friends. newbie But I still don’t understand how to play slots. How easy is it to follow?

The process of playing MEGA GAME slots is easy, but you can get rich if you understand.

The process of playing slots is quick, just start by entering the slot application or MEGA GAME web page, then enter your username and password, then you can click to log in. when logging into slots You will be taken to the agreement page. It is recommended to read the details completely. When finished reading the details, you can click on the I agree button.

The main page will have a variety of slot games for you to choose from, more than 1000 games when entering the slot game page. finished will enter the betting page You can press the Spin button at all by tapping the Spin button 1 time for 1 bet. If you don’t want to press Spin often, you can turn the slot game to Spin continuously. can be automatic by pressing and holding the Spin button, there will be a mode to choose

If you click to select AUTO above, it will Spin (spin) an unlimited number of times. until it stops or the bet runs out. And if you want to stop riding an unlimited number of times Just press the Spin menu again and it will stop. Or if you want to limit the number of automatic spins, you can edit them with + and – symbols. This slot game can automatically increase the number of spins by 10 turns and each game is different.

Introducing important menus, slots in gambling

LINES is a menu that informs how many winning lines are there in the game. Some games may have 25 betting lines.

PLAY is a per line bet setting menu, where you can increase + or decrease – as needed.

TOTAL PLAY is a menu that informs how much bet per turn must be paid per spin. This is calculated from the number of LINES multiplied by the number of PLAY. For example, this game has LINES equal to 25 and PLAY equal to 1 GP (Baht), so TOTAL PLAY is equal to 25 GP (Baht).

WIN is a menu that shows the winning amount of each turn. If any eye you spin is the prize line, there will be a prize money in this channel.

SPIN is a menu used to spin bets.

when pressed into the betting table The game will notify the winning line. And various wagering money that will be won and how much will be won, such as PLAY that you set at 1 GP, if you get 3 winning symbols from left to right You will get a total bet of 50 baht, plus 3 free spins, but the letter symbols will not get the same stake. And in each slot game the bets are not the same. We therefore ask all gamblers to check the betting schedule before playing every time.

Wild Helper

Wild Helper : This is the basic feature of modern slots because you can find this Wild in every video slot game. Also, this help will increase the chances for the gambler to get aligned pictures. in order to get bonus or jackpot in multiple rows and many more

Scatter helper

Scatter play help : is a helper that gives you a chance to get free spins in the next game. without deducting your credit at all which this mode is a popular mode Most people call this mode as Free Spin mode. Most of the time in this mode, the bonus and jackpot are broken very often.

End of how to play MEGAGAME slots game

How to play MEGA GAME slots game in a hurry, I believe that anyone can understand it in 5 minutes because it’s very easy to play. And if you want to play, there are things that need to be learned, not so much chaos. Inexperienced can understand quickly. And no matter what slot games you like Do you have a small budget or how much? MEGAGAME slots game camp is ready to serve 24 hours a day with a valuable welcome promotion that should not be missed. Don’t wait. Let’s start betting.

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